Weather API for all

  • Simple to integrate

    Need only few lines of code.

  • Weather Forecast for the whole world

    Access to hundreds thousands cities in the world.

  • Weather parameters

    Icon, minimum / maximum temperatures, wind, relative humidity, precipitation.
    Ephemeris: saint of the day, sunrise / sunset, moon, zodiac

  • Google / Yahoo! Weather API replacement

    You can no longer use Google or Yahoo weather APIs after their shutdown, our Weather API allows you to keep your code by just changing the url in your code.


With our weather API, you have access to main weather parameters in XML or json.


Our most demanding customers have trusted us for years. Our reliability is well established!


The Weather API is provided by Previmeteo, provider of weather data since 2002...

Optimal support

Whether you need advice or a tailor-made solution, Previmeteo has specialized in tailor-made weather solutions for more than 15 years.
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How does it work ?

  • Installer une station connectée pour l'agriculture

    1. My API key

    Ask for your test API key with the form above

  • Connexion à l'interface d'accès aux prévisions

    2. I code

    I integrate the API in my code

  • S'aider de la météo pour prendre les décisions

    3. I broadcast

    I broadcast the weather in my Mobile App, on my website or in my business application

Some Customers

  • client API : Bluefox
  • client API : Sodexo
  • client API : La Poste
  • client API : Gibmedia
  • client API : FdJ
  • client API : Infotrafic
  • client API : Prismaflex